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Superior Stump Removal is a leader in providing safe, efficient, and thorough stump removal to private and commercial sites throughout the state of Colorado. Everything I do in your yard is what I would expect done in my yard. I have over 12 years experience and have removed hundreds of thousands of stumps around the state. 

If you have one small, pesky stump in your backyard, or ten thousand stumps across your mountain property, you can depend on us to make them disappear. I offer “grinding only” which will cover stump removal, cleaning the mulch up, and leaving it in a neat pile for it to be repurposed or complete grind and haul away services.

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Stump Grinding Vs Stump Removal

What Do You Do?

I take out tree stumps! There are different ways to accomplish the same goal. I choose horsepower. The stump grinding machine safely and efficiently chews the tree stump apart quickly and turns it into a pile of mulch. I can leave the mulch in a neat pile, spread it in the immediate area, or haul it away. What works best for you? Just let me know.

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What Do you Do?

Fantastic service! So professional, timely and courteous. Stump was ground down, shavings hauled away and everything cleaned up so fast. It was fascinating to watch and was so throughly done. I would highly recommend.
Reba Davidson
We couldn’t have found a better company than Superior Tree Stump Removal to help us with our landscaping project. Jeff is friendly, personable, responsive and got the job done beautifically and quickly. Highly recommended, we are very satisfied with our results.
Joan Rutherford