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Stump Removal and Grinding

Do you have stumps obstructing your Lakewood area property? Tired of tripping over roots and navigating around them when you mow the lawn? We can help! 

Our stump grinders go deeper into the stump and above-ground root zone than most to prevent regrowth so you can landscape the area in confidence.

If you want to replant or transform the area into a garden, we recommend having us provide you with a stump removal service. We can safely remove any stump, fill the hole, level, and grade our property to prepare it for whatever comes next.

Our stump grinding and removal machines are lawn-safe, and we take care to leave your property unharmed during the grinding or removal process.

Say, “Bye” to your stumps today!

Stump removal grinding

Land Clearing

We work with construction companies, developers, contractors, municipalities, investors, and homeowners throughout Colorado to help them clear the land and prepare it for development, from brush clearing and tree removal to stump removal and grading. With over 12 years of land clearing and stump removal experience, you can depend on us to create the space you need for your development project.

Our Superior land clearing experts use state-of-the-art equipment to safely and efficiently remove trees, shrubs, brush, stumps, rocks, and more from your Lakewood, Colorado, area property. We then accurately grade and apply the substrate you need, be it gravel, dirt, or topsoil, to create a clean slate for whatever comes next.

Improve your curb appeal and property value with our outstanding land-clearing services today.

Lot Preparation

Whether starting from scratch or clearing out the old to create something new, you can rely on Superior Stump Removal & Land Care for top-notch lot preparation services in Lakewood, CO, and the surrounding area. Our land care experts have the equipment and proven skills to remove unwanted trees, stumps, roots, sod, brush, shrubs, rocks, and other vegetation from your residential or commercial property, grade and level the land, and prepare it for what comes next.

Trusted by contractors, investors, construction companies, homeowners, and municipalities throughout Colorado, you can depend on us to prepare the property for landscaping, hardscaping, construction, driveway, or parking lot installation when you need it for a fair price. Looking to have a gravel driveway installed? We can do that too!

Gravel Driveways

Do you need a gravel driveway, parking lot, or roadway installed in your Lakewood area property? We’re the best in the west!

Superior Stump Removal & Land Clearing has over 12 years of industry experience and the equipment to install a perfect gravel driveway without paying the hefty price tag paving companies in Colorado charge. We have equipment capable of creating a gravel driveway in the tightest spaces with ease.

Our highly skilled and insured graders construct a strong and stable gravel driveway that drains correctly and keep it functional and safe with our gravel driveway maintenance services. If you need gravel laid to prepare your site for paving or construction, you can count on us to get it done right on time for a great price.

Skid Steer Service

Superior Stump Removal has skid steer loaders of various sizes capable of completing any land clearing, lot preparation, and pre-construction projects in Lakewood and greater Colorado. Our skid steer operator has the attachments and expertise required to take care of all your land care needs – even in tight spaces – with precision, including

You can depend on Superior Stump Removal & Land Clearing for fast, affordable skid steer services, professionalism, and quality results.


Fantastic service! So professional, timely and courteous. Stump was ground down, shavings hauled away and everything cleaned up so fast. It was fascinating to watch and was so throughly done. I would highly recommend.
Reba Davidson
We couldn’t have found a better company than Superior Tree Stump Removal to help us with our landscaping project. Jeff is friendly, personable, responsive and got the job done beautifically and quickly. Highly recommended, we are very satisfied with our results.
Joan Rutherford


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